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4 Reasons why you procrastinate & Some Solutions

A diet, writing a blog post, exercising, cleaning out your closet. So many things to do, but you tend to put it off. Why?

Here are the reasons and some solutions.

You're Unmotivated.

You can't get motivated to start something even though it needs to be done.

Solution: Choose an incentive (a treat) to reward yourself when you're done!

Perfection Paralysis

You think there's a right way to do something and you won't even start if you can't do it right.

Solution: Choose ONE way to move forward, even if it's a small step.

The Task is Too Large

You look at the project as a whole and are overwhelmed. Feels like a huge project.

Solution: Break the task down into smaller steps, and make progress.

Not Sure Where To Start

So many steps to get the project done, and not sure of the order to accomplish the task.

Solution: List only the first THREE action steps and work on those.

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